Our primary focus is on developing people to further their own unique craft. This includes helping our team become more experienced leaders, learn a team-first mentality, strive for more innovation, be thought leaders, and better overall people. By putting our people first and treating them as family and helping to develop their careers in a unique and specific fashion, we’re not just giving them more opportunities to grow and be successful, we’re also raising the bar for what our customers, families, and communities receive.

Don’t Just Join a Company - Join a Family

Exciting work, innovative colleagues, great teammates, unique customers, and a company that invests in you personally and professionally. We work hard to make Fusion Innovation a place that makes people excited to come to work; where colleagues stay connected and engaged; and where loved ones are welcomed with open arms.

We hope this makes us feel less like a company and more like a family. We achieve this by our commitments to you, our culture, and our employee focused perks.


Our employees have an uncompromising desire, drive, and commitment to providing our customers with the most innovative and outside the box ideas, concepts, solutions, and services.

Maximize Opportunity

We are committed to the necessary investments required to achieve success through a streamlined onboarding process, efficient HR, benefits, payroll, and time keeping systems, as well as countless opportunities for mentoring and personal development practices & certifications.


We are not afraid to try new things, and you shouldn’t be either. We expect our team members to tell us what is and is not working. We want to ensure that our team gets the best educational resources and training needed to grow and to work on the projects and technologies that matter.



Company-funded medical, dental, vision, short term disability, long term disability, accidental death & dismemberment, and life insurance for our employees and their families.

Medical deferral bonus for those already covered under another plan.

Rest and Relaxation

Re-charge and relax with plenty of time to take vacations, take care of family, celebrate holidays and momentous occasions, stay at home days, and just live and enjoy your life. We provide flexible leave options for our employees so they can do just that.



It’s never too early to start saving for retirement. We provide immediate vesting and industry leading matching contributions, to include profit sharing. All with the lowest 401k administration and fund fees available (which makes a major difference over the long term).

Career & Learning Opportunities

We provide and pay close attention to your career advancement goals and assist in the development of your in-demand skills whether it be advanced degree opportunities, training opportunities, conferences, professional certifications, etc.


Quarterly team functions and monthly team lunches to foster community amongst our team.

Sweet & Useful Swag

Not just swag for the sake of swag. This is stuff you will actually want to wear/use!

Stuff We Like Bonuses

Periodically, we will surprise you with cool, new stuff out there, such as Hello Fresh, tickets to local sporting, arts, stage, comedy, or musical events, IT gadgets, gift cards to our favorite restaurants, as well as group events for fun, play, and to build stronger connections with one another.

Straight Up Cash

Countless bonus cash opportunities are out there for the taking. We strive to reward early and often for your great work, referring your innovative friends, employment tenure, helping the company grow, and sometimes….just because.


Interested in joining our team? Send your resume to us and we can talk about opportunities to use your current skills and grow new skills.