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Our Story

The name Fusion Innovation comes from the vision of fusing world-class expertise in our core business areas with the demonstrated ability to execute and build innovative and effective operational solutions. As a result, our collective methodology and culture provide truly outcome driven innovation.

Our goal is to positively impact our customer's missions with thought-leadership and value added consulting at the intersection of operations and emerging technology. This is technology with intention combined with the concept of outcome driven innovation, which focuses on turning ideas into mission impact.

Our Approach

The interconnected world in which we live in today leaves many opportunities for the most sophisticated and advanced criminals in the world to steal your data, commit corporate espionage, hack your systems or commit acts of fraud. Trust is at a premium. Fusion Innovation (Fusion) brings multidisciplinary expertise to this problem set, taking an approach that allows for a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s problems and allows Fusion the ability to deliver impactful solutions that appropriately address these problems without delay. Fusion is the premier UTS company that knows how these systems work, the gaps, and how to train people on the methodologies and critical thinking skills necessary to continue to work in this modern environment.

Fusion is not a think tank or an outside consulting firm. We are solutions architects that excel at understanding our customer’s goals and problems requiring solutions, and we focus on turning ideas into mission impact with swiftness and efficiency.

We believe in making an impact on the partners with whom we work. Not just showing up to sit at a desk; we come to make a difference. We will be part of truly impactful solutions to some of the largest and most complex problems that face our world. There is no room for timidity or mincing words. As venture capitalist Chris Sacca said, “Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.”

At Fusion, We execute.

Our Growth

Fusion's growth has put us in the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America, both times in which we were eligible.

For decades, Inc. has welcomed the fastest-growing private companies in America, and this year’s set of winners places the bar very high indeed. Companies that made the list, on average, have grown sixfold since 2016. During a stretch when the economy grew just 15 percent, that is a result most businesses could only dream of.

As a two-time, Inc. 5000 honoree, Fusion now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Clif Bar, Pandora, Patagonia, Oracle, and other notable alumni. Thank you to each and every one of you for getting us into this very exclusive club.

On the list of INC 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America,
Fusion Innovation Comes in at #687

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